Food bank given hope for Christmas

12th December 2019

Food bank given hope for Christmas, thanks to the people of Salford

Salford Foodbank was facing possible closure but thanks to the generosity of the people of Salford, there is more confidence that new ways of working can see Salford Foodbank in a stronger position in 2020.

The trustees of the charity held a public engagement event on 14th November, which resulted in lots of support from the community, and more ideas and offers of involvement in the coming year.

Matt Chandler, Chair of Trustees said: “I have been hugely encouraged by the response we have had to the challenges we face. The offers of support have been coming in quicker than we can respond to at times! 2020 will be a new chapter for Salford Foodbank, but I am increasingly confident that it will not be the final chapter.”

A volunteer team are in the process of implementing a short-term fundraising strategy to make sure Salford Foodbank can remain open beyond March 2020, and work is underway to develop a longer-term strategy in the new year.

A new member of staff joining will be joining the team in January for 15 hours per week, as the food bank will be saying goodbye to Mark Whittington who has served Salford Foodbank as it’s Manager since 2014.

Lots of enthusiastic volunteers have come forward to offer to help support the Board of Trustees with administration and governance; they are currently working to make the best use of these generous offers in priority areas.

There are a few positive options for the Foodbank to have a new home, replacing Mocha Parade. The details are still confidential, but early signs are very encouraging.

Several individuals are looking to join the Board of Trustees. In the New Year they will be working with staff, volunteers and stakeholders to refresh the longer-term strategic and financial plan for Salford Foodbank so that it can continue serving our community for as long as there is need.

Matt speaks on behalf of the trustees, “We want to thank everyone who has been involved and offered support in the last few weeks, in particular our staff, Mark Whittington and Mervyn Gledhill, and the volunteers who have kept serving people day after day whilst coping with the uncertainty about the future. We are working with as many people as we can to put the future of Salford Foodbank on a firm foundation. This is not always a quick process, so we thank everyone for their patience and continued support.”


What can you do:

Be part of our Funding Boost Campaign and donate £1,000.
Are you a business in Salford and up for the challenge of helping us raise £20,000 before Christmas? This will secure our current position for another 6 months, whilst we develop a more sustainable funding strategy. We’d thank you and acknowledge your generosity on social media.

Or be one of our committed regular supporters
Or could you as a company or individual commit to giving on a regular basis? This would enable us to guarantee more stability in the long term.

You can do that HERE.



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