22nd March 2020

This is an unprecedented crisis, and we are being urged to maintain social distancing in every possible way to save lives.  This is enforcing a major and significant change in the way that we will operate for the foreseeable future.


So, this coming week we are moving away from asking clients to come with vouchers to our 4 foodbank centres, and instead offering a ‘home delivery’ service, operated entirely from Mocha Parade (our main warehouse).

Agencies will issue vouchers for clients as before, but will email them to the foodbank(and not give them to the client). We will process the vouchers remotely and they will be sent to Mocha Parade at 10am on a Tuesday and Friday morning, where the Food Parcels will be picked and Addressed. At lunchtime a team of drivers will come and pick up the Food Parcels and deliver them to the clients home between 1pm -3pm , leaving them on the doorstep.


This week is a time of transition, so to allow time for the Agencies to change the way they issue Vouchers, we will operate normally out of GO Church, Media City  on Monday  23rd March afternoon (1-3), and then out of Mocha Parade on Tuesday 24th March afternoon (1-3).

After that, all future Foodbank sessions at our 4 Centres will be suspended until further notice.

Our first Home Delivery sessions will take place on Friday 27th March, and will continue on Tuesdays and Fridays until further notice.


As from now the Foodbank phone will only be answered during Tuesday and Friday between 9.30am – 1pm.

Any food donations can be dropped off at Mocha Parade only during those sessions.

Because the office will not be manned for most of the week, we suggest that most communications are made by email :


We are hoping to set up an emergency food parcel operation in the next 10 days. We will advise here when and where that is happening.

These major changes are the only way we can continue to operate Salford Foodbank during the Covid-19 crisis. Many thanks to people all over the city who are offering help and donations to support us in these difficult days.

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