8th August 2020

We had a highly satisfactory conclusion to our season of Home Deliveries on Friday 31st July – the hottest day of the year! There was never going to be an ideal moment to switch back to our more usual Distribution Centres, but this seemed to be the right time.

Once again, we give a huge vote of thanks to the great team of volunteers – many of whom had never helped at foodbank before – who made this Home Delivery strategy work week in and week out.

So some numbers to give you a sense of the scale of the achievement:
We delivered food parcels on 34 separate days over the last 4 months.
We took food to 985 clients during that time – almost 1000 families in Salford getting at least 3 days of food delivered to their door.
We picked and packed 1374 Food Parcels for those clients
We delivered 17,200 kgs of food (17 tonnes) worth around £30,000
The photo shows Iain Wight, our Foodbank Manager with Dale Siddall of British Gas who epitomised our driver volunteers – he took it on himself to organise a small team of BG drivers to help out twice a week, and even when they were back in work, he went delivering in his lunch hour!!

Of course, our work is not done. We still have a big job ahead to ensure that we can provide Distribution Centres on different days across the city, and have enough volunteers to operate them. And it will be great to be able to meet our clients again and eventually be able to have a chat and a brew with them!

But for now, our focus and thanks are for our marvellous Home Delivery teams, who can all be proud of what they have achieved.

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